About LoadchiefTM

LoadchiefTM is a proprietary application and the first product of ICN, Inc., founded to transform industries that rely on the professional services of independent contractors. Prior to LoadchiefTM courier companies faced myriad problems with the use of Independent Contractor Drivers:
  • Difficulty locating and vetting professional independent drivers with the appropriate credentials for the delivery
  • Difficulty demonstrating IC Compliance (that IC drivers are actually not w-2 employees)
  • Dead head miles that drained a company’s profitability
  • Having to pay retail to fulfill a job in a hard to reach market or on overflow deliveries
For their part, Credentialed Independent Drivers faced their own series of challenges:
  • Having to wait sometimes weeks for their invoices to be processed and paid
  • Difficulty finding new deliveries to accept outside of the primary companies they work with (too much down time)
  • No single portal to accept jobs from MULTIPLE companies and an inability to schedule their entire day
  • Their careers were limited by the companies that give them work
LoadchiefTM addresses these challenges through an innovative digital marketplace that connects reputable courier companies with credentialed, independent drivers in the areas that they need. Using the LoadchiefTM platform, courier companies can post jobs, detailing how much they will pay and what credentials are required. Drivers that meet those criteria can digitally accept the job via the LoadchiefTM app on their smartphone and take control of their career. Equally important for both parties, once the job is complete, the backend payment system is hassle-free, allowing instant processing and quick direct-deposit payment, typically within 48 hours.

LoadchiefTM was created by courier-industry professionals with more than 50 years of combined experience in the delivery industry. The app was created for the industry and, in doing so, is transforming how they do business from the inside.


JC Burnett



Entrepreneur, 30 years experience in the logistics industry

Louis J. Esbin

Chief Executive Officer


30 years of Law Practice, University Albany School of Business

George Passantino

Chief Operating Officer


Award winning business executive with 25 years of experience

Franz García de Paredes

Chief Financial Officer


40-year veteran of corporate finance and planning

Brian Sherlock

Director of Operations


Entrepreneur, 25 years of experience in the logistics industry