Loadchief is a revolutionary platform that connects reputable courier companies with credentialed, independent delivery drivers to provide on-demand delivery through our digital marketplace.

The platform leverages the scalability and flexibility of crowdsourcing to help courier companies increase their delivery reach and open new markets with an on-demand pool of carefully vetted and professional contractors.
LoadchiefTM is a revolutionary platform that provides reputable courier companies with credentialed and pre-screened contractors to provide on-demand delivery.

The platform leverages the scalability and flexibility of the sharing economy to help courier companies increase their delivery reach and open new markets with an on-demand pool of carefully vetted and professional contractors.

The Loadchief Advantage

For Courier Companies

PROBLEM: Difficulty locating and vetting professional independent drivers with the appropriate credentials for the delivery?

SOLUTION: LoadchiefTM eliminates this problem altogether by identifying and vetting drivers so they fit your requirements.

PROBLEM: Difficulty demonstrating IC Compliance (that IC drivers are actually not w-2 employees).

SOLUTION: Through its proprietary application, you can easily generate reports that confirm the drivers who conduct your deliveries are genuine ICs.

PROBLEM: Are deadhead miles and empty loads draining your company profitability?

SOLUTION: LoadchiefTM can help you identify additional jobs that eliminate deadheading. With LoadchiefTM you can also schedule other ICs to take work so you avoid deadhead miles altogether.

PROBLEM: Are you tired of paying retail to fulfill a job in a hard to reach market or on overflow deliveries?

SOLUTION: With LoadchiefTM you set the price for your deliveries. You can also access drivers in other markets, thereby expanding your reach and helping you grow your business.

For Drivers

PROBLEM: Tired of waiting sometimes weeks for invoices to be processed and paid for the deliveries you perform?

SOLUTION:Through our partnership with Stripe Technologies, drivers like you can be paid daily at no additional charge.

PROBLEM: Difficulty finding new deliveries to accept outside of the primary companies you work with (too much down time)?

SOLUTION: With LoadchiefTM you can take full control of your day, your schedule and your lifestyle by accepting jobs from all of the companies that use this system.

PROBLEM: Do you have trouble accepting and managing jobs from multiple companies, all with their own software?

SOLUTION: LoadchiefTM is a universal application that allows any company to enter job details for you. If you accept a delivery through LoadchiefTM it is the only application you will need to utilize for that delivery.

PROBLEM: Is your career limited by the companies that give you work?

SOLUTION: With LoadchiefTM you can BE YOUR OWN DAMN BOSS. You control what deliveries you accept and how your career grows.

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What People Are Saying About LoadchiefTM

Brian Wise

Dynamic Delivery Company

Finding quality drivers is always a pain. Old job boards made me literally work the phones to find qualified independent contractors. Loadchief is the solution to this problem. It combines a digital matchmaking ability with hassle-free driver pay and top-notch IC compliance.

Erwin Feldser

Independent Driver

I made the decision to be my own boss and Loadchief is the best tool to help grow my career. Unlike old-fashioned job boards, I can search and book multiple delivery jobs from my mobile phone and collect my fees quickly. I trust the system that I will always be paid promptly. Never again will I have to chase down a payment.

Perry Delman

Independent Driver

Loadchief is an easy-to-use platform that has made me more profitable. There is nothing like the sound of that PING on my phone when my earnings land in my bank account using their free expedited pay feature.

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